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Describing situations of cause and effect
A feeling of
worry about something or
Picture description. Look at the following picture, show it to a partner and describe it
together. Use the questions from the sections. Use your imagination and according to
the picture to guide you.
Check this! If you want to describe a picture you can begin with sentences such as:
In this picture I can see .
There is a.
../ there are .
According to the picture
Who are they?
Where are they?
What are they doing?
Use your imagination
What are their names?
Where are they from?
How old are they?
Where do they live?
Activity 2.1
Learn more
Learning vocabulary is important because without enough vocabulary you cannot
understand others or express your own ideas. Learning vocabulary helps you
communicate and understand with others in English. For that reason, it is important
that you continue learning new words and increase your vocabulary in English.
The Following activities will help you to describe pictures, re ect about the importance
of recycling and identify some vocabulary related to this important
of our