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Describing activities that took place in the past
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Festivals are a series of
of music, plays, Flms, etc., usually organized
in the same place once a year. They are a series of public events connected with a
particular activity or idea and can be a day or period of the year when people stop
working to celebrate a special event, often a religious one.
Festivals are very important in several ways, historically, religiously, socially
economically and culturally in the lives of the people of the community.
Historically: Festivals make people know more about their origin. In some cultures,
Festivals make people recollect the noble past of their ancestors, and express their
gratitude to them.
Religiously: There is a continuity between the dead and the living, the people in the
community ask for material prosperity, peace and a long life for their members.
Festivals serve as reunion of family members, relatives and friends.
Economically: Festivals bring most of the community together, this helps them to
initiate development projects. Visitors who also come to witness the festival contribute
economically to the community.
The rich cultural heritage of the people is usually manifested during festivals. People
in the community may wear the traditional clothes, play their typical music and
prepare their traditional food.
an activity (such as singing a song or acting in a
play) that a person or group does to entertain an audience.