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Describing activities that took place in the past
Activity 1.6
It is important to re ect on your learning. Mark with an X the things you can
do up to now.
Identify, write and say the meaning of some irregular verbs in
the simple past.
Differentiate sentences in afFrmative, negative and interroga
tive form, in the present simple and in the simple past.
Name and use some vocabulary related to food, clothes and
music in festivals.
Write a short story using your previous knowledge and incor-
porate the new information you have learned.
Describe with a partner some pictures with respect and open-
Talk about some festivals of a particular culture in Mexico.
Learn more
Narrative text
To narrate is to tell a story. A narrative is a description of events, especially in a story
or novel.
A narrative text is a story that entertains the reader or listener. It is a description of
events, especially in a tale or novel. A narrative text will tell a story (usually about
something that happened to you) in such a way that the readers learn a lesson or
gains insight.
A personal narrative is a story typically written from the writer’s point of view. It can
also express an incident that happened to someone else.
Check list
Check the elements you didn’t achieve and work on them. Ask your teacher for help
if you need it.