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Describing activities that took place in the past
Activity 2.5
Write the verbs into the past continuous or simple past.
Check your answers in the Answer Key.
1.A: What ______________ (you/do) when the phone _______ (ring)?
B: I ______________ (watch) television.
2.A: Where __________ (you / be) when the teacher ________ (come)?
B: I ____________ (buy) some water to drink.
3. A: Why ___________ (you / ride ) your bicycle so fast?
B: Because I ________ (have) to take the letters to my uncle.
4. A: What _______________ (your father / do) when your mother _______ (fall)
B: He _____________ (visit) my grandparents.
5.A: Where ___________ (you/ be) while your friends ______________ (organi-
ze) the competition?
B: I ___________________ (buy) the snacks for the school party.
Write when or while accordingly.
1.My friend was singing ________ the electricity went off.
2.Last night I was cleaning my room _________ my sister was studying.
3. It was raining very heavily ___________ my classes Fnished.
4. My brother was swimming in the river _______ he saw a big Fsh.
5. Many people were dancing in the church ________ the Freworks were star -