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5. Complete the dialogue with the options from the chart.
Completa el diálogo con las opciones del cuadro.
Sandy: Look David there is a fashion show next Saturday.
No, that’s not for me. Look, there is a car show on Sunday.
Shall we go?
Sandy: I don’t think so. I don’t like cars.
Well, there is a basketball game at the school gymnasium on
Sunday. ________________________________?
Sandy: ____________________________________. I like basketball.
6. Practice the dialogue with a classmate and act it to the class.
Practica el diálogo con un compañero y actúalo para tu clase.
Would you like to see a movie today?
1. Match the activity with the picture.
Relaciona la actividad con el dibujo.
a) They are chatting.
b) They are speaking on phone.
Lesson 17
Shall we go
Shall we go
There is a car show
That’s a good idea
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