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Comparing people, objects and places
After you finish, read your paragraph to the class and answer any
questions that your classmates might have.
Cuando termines, lee tu párrafo al resto del grupo y contesta las preguntas que te hagan tus compañeros.
Think about what you have learned
In the third part of block I you learned how to use “as … as” and “not as … as”
+ adjectives to compare people, things and places by identifying similarities and
Think about how similar and different you are from your classmates. How do
these differences/similarities contribute to the establishment of a respectful and
collaborative relationship with them? Discuss your opinions with
your classmates.
En la tercera parte del bloque I aprendiste a usar “as … as” y “not as … as” + adjetivo para comparar personas,
cosas y lugares identificando semejanzas y diferencias.
Piensa acerca de lo semejante y diferente que eres de tus compañeros. ¿De qué manera estas semejanzas y
diferencias te sirven para tener una relación colaborativa y respetuosa con ellos? Comparte tus opiniones con
tus compañeros.
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Comparing places
Besides comparing people and objects, you can also compare places considering
location, environment, cultural facts and general condition among other aspects.
Place a picture of your
favorite item of clothing.