Easy Origami Bee
1. Start with a square sheet of paper that is yellow on one side
and white on the back side.
cut it in half along
the diagonal to get an isosceles triangle. You
also use a
square sheet of paper, but starting with a triangle allows the
wings to be a different color compared to the body of the bee.
2. You
should fold
it in half and unfold.
3. Fold up the two bottom corners so the corners
meet at the peak of the
Fold the two corners back down, except fold them at a bit of an angle so the
should be
slightly away from one another like the wings of a bug.
5. Fold down the top of the triangle; don’t fold down exactly in half. You
leave a small gap as shown. Unfold it.
6. Fold down the top section of the triangle into thirds. Then fold down once more
along the crease made above.
7. You
have to
fold back the left & right sides of the model to form the body of the
8. You must fold the tips of the wings a little.
must not
be too pointy.
9. You can leave it like this, or you
use a marker to color the head black and put
stripes across the bee’s back.
Easy Origami Bee is done!
Appendix 2