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Following instructions and understanding rules
If you answered most of them with “always” then your level of proficiency is high. If
you answered most of them with “sometimes” or “never” then you will have to work
harder on the achievement of those competencies.
Si la mayoría de tus respuestas fueron “siempre” significa que tu desempeño actual es alto; si la mayoría fueron
“a veces” o “nunca” significa que tienes que trabajar con más empeño para desarrollar esas competencias.
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Following instructions is important because it helps to save time and it aids in the
safety of something or someone.
Following directions also helps you to learn things and
in efficiency.The importance of instructions is so you will
know what to do and to do it right.
Look at the following expressions:
Watch out!
Come here!
Look out!
Be quiet!
All of them are very common in many situations. They can be used in public places,
school, work and at home.
There are others such as “right”, left”, “straight” that are used when you are giving
instructions to get to a place.
To give orders, warnings and instructions in english, we use the imperative form:
Order: Be quiet
Warning: Take care
Instructions: Listen to me carefully
Imperative sentences can end with a period (.) or an exclamation point (!).