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Relating important moments of the past
Think about what you have learned
In the second part of block II you learned about the differences between regular and
irregular verbs. How can knowing the differences help you to communicate when
you are talking about past events? Listen and discuss the group opinions.
En la segunda parte del bloque II aprendiste acerca de la diferencia entre verbos regulares e irregulares. ¿Cómo
te ayuda a hablar de eventos pasados saber estas diferencias? Escucha y discute las opiniones del grupo.
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Time expressions in past tense
Time expressions are used to identify when the activity happened or how long it
lasted. Look at Grammar Box 4.
Grammar Box 4
Time Expressions
Examples of “when an activity took
Examples of “how long an activity took
On Tuesday,
my father went to the
She was in the hospital
On February 22
, my mother bought a
new car.
Before breakfast
, he was very
These words are called “
of time”.
Last week
, my teacher went to my
My brother played
for three hours.
An hour ago,
he was here!
These words describe how long an
activity lasted.